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When a Storm Shatters Your Roof, Call us at Cross Plains Roofing & Construction for Excellent Value!

Tennessee is not part of either Hail Alley or Tornado Alley, but we should at least be honorary members. At Cross Plains Roofing & Construction, we have the skills to repair your roof so that it lasts, remaining safe and beautiful.

Derechos, tornados, and hailstorms are obvious culprits when it comes to roof damage, but even a plain thunderstorm can damage the roof if they:

  • Include strong, straight-line winds
  • Cause trees or debris to strike the roof
  • Produce lightning strikes
  • Hit the chimney flashing, tear gutters, or attack other vulnerable areas

At Cross Plains Roofing & Construction, we are professional roofing contractors who have strong skills and experience repairing roof damage from Tennessee's sometimes horrifying storms.

Roof damage is not something that homeowners can ignore. Allowing rain or debris to come to your home is an invitation to water damage, high utilities, debris, and distinct discomfort.

When we arrive, we inspect the roof to determine the extent of the damage. Roof damage is not always obvious. We'll look for:

  • Missing, loose, or ripped shingles even one blown-off shingle can allow in leaks, microbial growth, and debris
  • Dents or dimples in the shingles (often from hail)
  • Damaged or missing metal flashing around the chimneys or roof valleys
  • Dented, misshapen, or missing vents, exhaust pipes, or other features
  • Leaks or moist spots in the attic
  • Water spots on the ceiling or walls
  • Weakened ceiling supports, warped wood

Safety should be your priority. While we encourage you to investigate what you can from the ground, walking around on the roof itself is dangerous even at the best of times. If the roof is wet, moss-coated, icy, or pock-marked, it is even more dangerous.

Our employees have training and safety gear. Allow us to do roof-top inspections instead of risking your well-being.

Worst-Case Scenario

Strong winds can even lift a roof from the house, destroying it. If a roof is beyond repair, don't worry. We have the experience to build a new one that complements the original structure.

At Cross Plains Roofing & Construction, we want your home to be safe, secure, and to feel like home. Call us for high-quality repairs at 615-337-9823 for:

  • Damage assessment
  • Claims assistance
  • Repair, restoration, or replacement

We Work with Your Insurance Company

Storms are catastrophic events. Insurance companies understand that homeowners can't prevent storms, so they are prepared to cover most repairs.

We work directly with your insurance adjuster and the company. We're happy to work with any company, and even to file the claim if you need help.

We'll leave your roof but not you high and dry!

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