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No Roof Lasts Forever. When Its Time for Replacement, Call Cross Plains Roofing & Construction

A roof lasts 30 years on average, so you may need to replace it. If that happens, call us -- Cross Plains Roofing & Construction.

Cross Plains Roofing & Construction is a trusted company; we're a leading provider of commercial and residential roofing materials and construction. While your home's roof can last anywhere from 20 to over 175 years, the average is 30 years. The roofing materials, installation quality, weather, and how the owners care for the roof all influence the durability of a roof. When it's time for a new roof, you may find out dramatically (as when it rains indoors) or more gently, from routine maintenance or inspections. Regardless of how you find out, call us to learn about your options at 615-337-9823.

Inspecting Your Roof

Youd probably rather learn that your roof is aging without feeling raindrops on your head while you're relaxing indoors. You can inspect your roof from the inside if you can look in the attic for water. To check the outside of the roof, grab a pair of binoculars. We do not recommend that you go up on the roof unless you have safety training and safety gear.

What you check for is partially dependent on the roof's materials.

Asphalt - look for shingles that are:

  • Cracked
  • Loose
  • Curling
  • Distorted


  • Rust patches
  • Signs of leaks in the attic, ceilings, walls


  • Rotting shingles
  • Split shingles
  • Mold or mildew
  • Algae
  • Pest damage


  • Cracked, chipped, or slipped tiles
  • Missing mortar
  • Tile or pieces of tiles in the gutters
  • Signs of leaks in the attic or on the ceilings/walls

Slate look for shingles that:

  • Missing
  • Chipped
  • Cracked
  • Slipped

If your home is letting water in through the roof, your insurance company is likely to send an insurance adjuster to inspect the roof and make recommendations. At Cross Plains Roofing & Construction, we work with insurance adjusters and agents to ensure you get the best quality roof within your budget.

Overview of Roofing Materiels

We install only high-quality roofing materials. The material you choose depends on:

  • Your budget
  • Type of house
  • Environment
  • Preference

Asphalt tiles, for example, are the most popular roofing material in the United States, but they don't fare well in areas that experience a lot of temperature extremes during the day (such as much of Arizona).

Asphalt shingles are made from fiberglass and an asphalt sealant, so the name isn't the most descriptive. They protect the home from snow, wind, rain, and harsh sunlight all of which we have in and around Cross Plains. They're durable, affordable, and usually last about 15 to 30 years.

The most long-lasting roof material is the most expensive: slate. Slate is heavy; 100 square feet of slate weigh about 1,000 pounds, so the house must be built to support the weight of an entire roof. Slate lasts from 75 to 200 years, holds up to extreme weather, and doesn't require much maintenance. Slate retains almost no moisture, so water is rarely a problem. If you don't have a castle, however, a slate roof may not be practical.

Were happy to consult with you on the materials and any other questions.

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